Birth Story Medicine®

Our Mission

We envision
a Birth Story Medicine Listener
in every community and hospital,
creating an allowing place for
this indispensable ritual of Return
for parents and birth attendants.

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What We Offer

Birth Story Medicine is striving to set the standard for excellence
in birth story work.

Our Birth Story School, the first of its kind, offers comprehensive training
for birth story listerers, a mentor certificaiton program and ongoing
development of our birth story process.

We are committed to providing Birth Story Medicine sessions and training
to all parents and professionals, regardless of birthplace or philosophy of birth.

Pam England


Visionary, Author, Artist, Storyteller,
Childbirth & Birth Story Mentor,
Facilitator, former Nurse-Midwife

"When I was a young nurse-midwife, certified but not yet initiated by the power
of birth itself, I used to teach 'fantasy birth' classes.  In labor, I had a profound
awakening and vowed to tell the truth and to bring change to how women are
prepared for birth. While on the cesarean operating table, I realized that the naive
positivity and promises I believed (and taught) were the seed for my own rapidly manifesting emotional birth shock, trauma, and postpartum depression. I sought
counseling from a midwife, cesarean support group, and therapist, but found only superficial listening. This prompted me to earn a Masters in Psychology /Counseling
from Antioch University, with an emphasis on perinatal issues and group dynamics.

"Eight years of searching for answers and self-acceptance had passed since my
initiation through birth; after meeting many teachers and authors and participating
in conferences and ceremonies, I had a second epiphany which made me laugh
out loud: 'All this time I thought I had to heal my birth, but now I see my birth healed me.' Perhaps this was the pivotal moment I morphed from the seek to a wounded healer."

Thus began Pam's now four decade-long devotion to the study of emotional birth
trauma and the development of the Birth Story Medicine philosophy and process
that has helped many find their way "home" to self-acceptance and self-compassion following their initiation through childbirth or birth work.

Following the publication of her best-selling book, Birthing From Within
(from 1999 to 2016), Pam created and taught a profound movement in multi-sensory,
holistic, and mindful childbirth preparation and developed the concept of childbirth mentoring (versus teaching).

"I've been reading Ancient Map for Modern Birth and shared it with a group of teachers. All were deeply touched by the idea of the heroic journey being an ancient map for birth. So much compassion comes forth when you make this parallel. Thank you for this book! It will be another tool in my own thinking and the way I communicate to my students about birth."

—Abby Bordner, Owner/CEO, Consultant and Trainer for Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood


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