Facilitator: Jerusalem, Israel

Danit Tsur Almog

My journey in birth work began with the birth of my daughter, in 2002, a beautiful home birth followed by long difficult months of inner chaos. My search for support, as well as self-acceptance, moved me to open my own centre, in Jerusalem, where I’ve been working with parents and professionals ever since. The book Birthing From Within inspired me immensely and brought me all the way to the US, in 2008, to meet the author, Pam England and take the Birthing From Within mentor training that she was leading back then.

Danit Tsur Almog Birth Story Medicine tutor

When I listen to a birth story. . .

I imagine the birth storyteller and myself as two guitars set in one room; when a specific chord is played on one guitar, the same chord vibrates on the other. While listening deeply, I connect to my own string of compassion and hear that string of self-acceptance starting to vibrate in the storyteller's heart. Knowing our stories and interpretations of reality are constantly changing, I watch for the story-teller to experience the inner freedom that is right there, even when it seemed totally hidden.

As a Facilitator/ Teacher . . .

The BIRTH STORY MEDICINE process and approach profoundly changed my life. After witnessing this beautiful shift happen again and again in Birth Story Listening sessions, I became a Certified Birth Story Medicine Facilitator; it is a joyful challenge to share this with other birth professionals. If you are considering becoming a Facilitator, I believe wholeheartedly that learning how to teach this process to aspiring birth story mentors can bring new awareness, freedom, and love to you own life as well as to the mentors you’ll be training.

Danit is a busy doula and childbirth mentor, BIRTH STORY MEDICINE mentor and facilitator, who lives in Jerusalem, Israel. She practices non-duality and is a student of Adyashanti,  and has been facilitating the training program of The Israeli Association for Emotional First Aid (ERAN) for the last 15 years.

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