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the Birth Story school

BIRTH STORY MEDICINE® BIRTH STORY SCHOOL is the first and only training and certification program that specializes in one thing:  Training birth story mentors in leading a process designed to help storytellers resolve emotional birth trauma in private or small group meetings. 

The Birth Story Medicine philosophy and process has been in development and refinement for 30 years. Pam England began teaching others her birth story healing philosophy and process about 2006, then began offering the online course in 2009. Each Semester provides students written modules, videos, valuable feedback on practice-homework, and weekly live consultation calls with a certified Tutor and your peers.

Over the past decade, thousands of people have felt the life-changing impact of BIRTH STORY MEDICINE® through private sessions, small groups, learning the Birth Story Medicine “map” in a workshop, or becoming a skilled Birth Story Listener or Mentor.

Every storyteller needs a story-mentor who knows how to listen deeply, what to listen for, and who has personally experienced healing with the Medicine that opens the heart to self-acceptance, forgiveness, and peace of mind. Birth storytellers are pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, partners, birth-related professionals, and anyone who witnesses birth. As our culture acknowledges the prevalence of emotional birth trauma, interest in Birth Story Medicine is gaining momentum.

Many people listen to birth stories but don't know what to say, what to listen for, or how to help.

Is the Birth Story Medicine course for me?

You can enroll if you are or have:

  • A birth-related professional or group leader, lactation consultant, therapist, social worker, life coach, or a parent who wants to lead birth story sessions that bring birth storytellers to self-acceptance and greater understanding.  
  • A background knowledge of the childbirth process and birth in our culture
  • Introspective, actively engaged in personal growth, willing to journal mindfully
  • Self-motivated learner and enjoy reading
  • Able to devote a minimum of six hours a week in study, practicing the method and leading the sessions
  • Able to receive constructive feedback
  • Willing to develop critical-thinking skills and try new approaches to embody this philosophy and master the process
  • Personally experienced emotional birth shock, inner conflict, or trauma and have resolved -- or are actively resolving it
  • This course teaches a precise way to look at beliefs and birth stories. This course and approach is not about venting about birth stories or vilifying the medical model.
  • Are free of ambition to share/impose personal ideology at The Birth Story School or when leading the process.
  • Strive to be a relativist, “an empty envelope” in search of truth; dedicated to exploring all possibilities of mind and solutions.

Path to Earning Certification as a Birth Story Mentor

Upon successfully completing the First Semester (a three-part 14-week course), you are encouraged to lead and practice our birth story process. However, completing the First Semester is only the first step to certification as a birth story mentor. To become certified requires additional training and supervision.

*FAQ: You do not have to be enrolled in or certified by Birthing From Within to enroll in this course. Birthing From Within is under new management. To find out more, go to

Start with First Semester: Part I

Your journey to changing your life and the lives of others starts with a single step.

Learn about Part II

Curious about Part II? Though Part I is required first, feel free to explore what is offered in Part II.

Learn about Part III

The Medicine Bridge: Crossing to Compassion


Winter Semester: Become a Seasoned Story Tracker

$700.00 $520.00

Winter Semester:  Become a Seasoned Story Tracker

Ten week online course: Seminars, Workshops, and Private Tutorial

Thursday February 13, 2020

1:30 to 3:30 pmPST

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