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Pack your bags and step away from the demands and distractions of your busy life; leave your "list," turn off your devices. . . and turn your attention inward. In the natural beauty and serene ambience of any of the 2020 Retreats you will find yourself unwinding, envisioning what's possible, finding yourself again and meeting friends in your new community of birth story mentors. Unlike many topic-packed conferences, a Retreat creates balance between rest, renewal, and professional growth, and allows ample time for personal attention from your facilitator-mentor and peers during each learning and practice session. Live-teaching and interaction with peers offers a unique opportunity to learn content that is not covered in the online courses because some experiences and training requires direct, in-person experience. 

       Your Birth Story Medicine Retreat can be the gateway to, or the deepening of, your vocation as a birth story mentor. Or you can participate for personal growth. To enroll in any of Pam’s 2020 Retreats you do not have to have already attended a Birth Story Medicine online course.


15may4:00 pm4:00 pmHIDDEN HEALINGS IN OUR STORIES: A Santa Fe RetreatYou don't need to heal your birth stories. What you lived and learned from those stories is healing you. That is the secret ingredient in Birth Story Medicine.

28may4:00 pm4:00 pmHidden Healings in Birth Stories: A Retreat for Practicing DoulasExpand your skills set and vocation as a doula. At this Retreat, get the Birth Story Medicine birth story excavation tool kit that changes beliefs and stories.


29jun4:00 pm4:00 pmHIDDEN HEALINGS IN OUR BIRTH STORIES-- A Beach RetreatConnect with other listeners and tap into the Wisdom of the Heart to hear and heal birth stories in a totally new way.

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