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Pam England

As a novice nurse-midwife, I loved listening to positive, home birth stories, but tuned out traumatic stories. Midwifery school prepared me to gather a brief obstetric history for the chart, however, not a word was spoken about basic skills of birth story listening: how to listen deeply, what to listen for, or what to say. After my traumatic labor and cesarean birth, I did not know how to listen to my own story and sort it out, nor could I find a skilled birth story listener anywhere: not in the cesarean support group, not among midwifery peers, not in therapy. Realizing I was not alone, I saw the collective need for trained birth story mentors and a process for every parent and birth-related professional. And so this life-long journey began …

When I listen to a birth story. . .

Throughout the session, I hold in mind the storyteller’s intention for healing, as well as an expectation for their desired change of heart; I bring my full attention to the storyteller and rely on the process to shepherd the storyteller “home.” Within minutes of beginning a session, the storyteller’s inner eye and heart begin to open as we excavate the meanings their story. No two stories or storytellers are alike, so every session is a unique search for and discovery of the Medicine-from-within, meant just for that story and storyteller.

As a Facilitator/ Teacher . . .

Initiating birth story mentors/listeners in this life-changing work is a delight, a discipline, and is my life purpose. A stickler for detail, I want each student of this process to achieve their highest potential because this work can change a life forever. Pam earned a Master’s degree in psychology/ counseling from Antioch College with an emphasis on perinatal issues, and has been engaged in a four-decade study that has become the Birth Story Medicine philosophy and process.

Learn with Pam

  • 2021.05.20 / BSM Course, Part II / Pam England

    Course Dates: May 20 – June 17,  2021

    9:00 to 10:30 am PST

    Your online modules will be opened on May 20; first live consultation call is May 27.

    Every student in part II is required to schedule a Birth Story Session for themselves, costing $50.
    When registering please confirm you understand the total price for this course is $270.
    $220 for the course paid upon registering, and $50 paid directly to your tutor when scheduling the session.

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up

  • Pam’s Birthday GiveAway: The Birth Story Labyrinth Process Webinar



    for Individuals and Small Groups

    SATURDAY  AUGUST 1, 2020

    9:30 to 11:30 am PST

  • Summer Semester: THE LANGUAGE OF HEALING

    During the six weeks, you will learn:

    • Why great stories are Medicine
    • How to choose a story or metaphor as Medicine for your storyteller
    • To tell the abridged story or choose one part
    • Make connections to your own life and heroic journey
    • Understand the masculine and feminine threads in a myth
    • Learn the Handless Maidenand the Holy Grail

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up

  • Winter Semester – Advanced Training

    Break the Frame. Change the Dreaming. Build a Bridge.

    This course begins with a four day immersion, followed by four weekly sessions.
    Please mark your calendars carefully. You must show up to semesters, recordings will not be sent if you miss a class.

    Immersion Week One

    One-Hour-a-Day-with-Pam, FEB 5 to 9, 2021.  12:30 to 1:30 pm PST

    Then, 90-min. calls Once-a-Week for four weeks: Feb 16 to March 9. 12:30 to 2:00 pm PST


    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up

    Full refund up to seven days after purchase, provided the course has not started, minus a $40 admin fee. No refunds: After the course begins; if you drop out; or, if you are dropped from the course for failing to show up or complete assignments. Tuition for Winter Semester is dramatically reduced, therefore, cannot be transferred to another B.S.M. course.  In the event Birth Story Medicine cancels or cannot reschedule a course or event, tuition will be refunded in full.

Want a listening session with Pam?

Reach Pam at 505-377-8282 &
Pam's listening sessions are priced on a sliding scale from $60 to $120.
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