Nicole Tricarico

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the complexity and mystery around birth stories. My experience of giving birth, birth trauma, and childbirth mentoring have led me on a long and deep personal journey. After being a childbirth educator for six years, I began seeking a new and more holistic path, and was drawn to Birthing From Within. At the introductory training, I was blown away when I learned how birth stories can be processed. Birth Story Medicine healed my birth trauma in a way I hadn't been able to; I then became a Birth Story Listener and am now a Certified Birth Story Medicine Facilitator.

When I listen to a birth story. . .

I am amazed at the common threads I see in birth story sessions, and yet the meaning clients take from their experiences are wildly unique and personal. It lights me up when my clients have new insights and gain understanding during their session. I thrive on guiding each storyteller to find their own unique healing and seeing them connect back to their self-compassion.

As a facilitator/ teacher. . .

I find joy working with new birth story mentors as they learn about themselves through the personal practice of Kintsugi. As a facilitator, teaching the course is both challenging and rewarding as I help each student become the best birth story mentor they can be. It is gratifying to see how Birth Story Medicine is life-changing for every person who
experiences the process.

Nicole, a pioneer and visionary in her community of regional Victoria, Australia, is a certified Birthing From Within mentor and Birth Story Medicine mentor and facilitator. She is also an experienced naturopath specializing in fertility, pregnancy, and women's health, as well as being a facilitator and trainer for A Celebration Day for Girls, a holistic menstrual education program. Nicole is married with three beautiful children; she loves yoga, walking in nature and cooking up a storm.

Learn with Nicole

  • 2024.04.21 / BSM Course, Part 1 / Nicole Tricarico

    Part I April-May 2024 with Nicole

    Nicole lives in Australia, so two time zones are included for our Australian, American, and world wide students

    (USA) Sundays April 21st-May 12th from 4.30pm-5.40 pm (Pacific). There are 4 x 70 min calls in total.

    Which is this day and time in:

    (Melbourne, Australia)  Mondays April 22nd-May 13th 9:30 am-10:40 am. There are 4 x 70 min calls in total.

    To check your own time zone visit here:

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up
    (You will be re-directed to tutor Nicole’s payment link at Vital Huntress Foundation)

  • 2024.05.26/ BSM Course, Part 2 / Nicole Tricarico

    Course Dates for Part II beginning in May 2024

    Nicole lives in Australia, so below you will find dates and times for both Australia and USA

    (USA) Sundays May 26th, June 9th, 16th 23rd  1pm-2.30pm Pacific Time. 4 x 90 minute calls. (No call on June 2nd)

    which is

    (Melbourne, Australia). Mondays May 27th, June 10th, 17th, 24th from 6am-7.30 am Melbourne Time. 4 x 90 minute calls. (No call on June 3rd)

    You can check your own timezone here:

    Every student in part II is required to schedule a Birth Story Session for themselves, costing $50 USD
    When registering please confirm you understand the total price for this course is $300.
    $250 for the course paid upon registering, and $50 paid directly to your tutor when scheduling the session.

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up

  • 2024.07.14 / BSM Course, Part 3 / Nicole Tricarico

    Course Dates: Part III  July 2024

    Nicole lives in Australia, so dates and times for USA and Australia below:

    (USA) Sundays July 14th-18th August 1pm-2.30pm Pacific –6 x 90 minute calls

    which is

    (Australia, Melbourne).  Mondays July 15th-August 19th 6am-7.30am  Melbourne Time-6 x 90 minute calls.

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up


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