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Everything you have lived has a story, is a story. Every story is a story within a story, within a story, and stories are ever-evolving even when the story you are struggling with seems stuck. When trying to make sense of what happened, you may feel like you are caught in a revolving door of internal conflict: feeling one thing but telling yourself you should feel another, or nagging thoughts such as, "What if, or if only," or "I should have, or they should have …"

If you have felt misunderstood or not heard when you've told your story, make an appointment with a birth story listener who is trained, professional, and empathic.

Plan to be surprised at how much can change in an hour,
even when you can't imagine change can happen at all.

Telling your story over and over may not be enough to shift how you feel about your birth experience. With the guidance of a skilled birth story mentor, you will not be telling your story in the same way, which means you will leave with a different perspective-one that might surprise you. In your Birth Story Medicine session, you will not only be deeply heard, but you will have the opportunity to look at what happened in a new and more compassionate way.

"It's unbelievable all that happened in an hour-long session. It's amazing. I imagined I would just come and tell you what happened, so I couldn't quite understand how it could help. But, the process totally shifted the way I look at what happened. I feel a burden was lifted from my heart. It's such a relief."                    -Michal, Jerusalem, Israel


And, you may be surprised to experience telling your story to a trained pro. Empathic story-listener who listens attentively, without judgment….

Make an appointment with a Birth Story Medicine Mentor today. A story can change in the blink of an eye.

Your private, confidential birth story session will provide refuge, allowing you to talk through one or two memories in your birth story that have caused your mind to spin and your heart to close.

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The birth story mentors listed in this directory have completed the introductory courses and were certified following advanced training and supervision, which gives us the confidence to recommend them to you. You can also check for Birth Story Listeners in your community.

Thank you for signing the "Agreement" between Storyteller and Story Mentor before making your appointment.


NameContactCityCountryLanguageSession FeePayment Method
Pam EnglandSend EmailAlbuquerque, NMUnited StatesEnglishVariable: $100 to $175, sliding scale (If you need financial assistance to have this session, please let me know.)PayPal
Nicole TricaricoSend EmailShepparton, VictoriaAustraliaEnglishFixed: $90 per hour sessionPayPal
Danit Tsur AlmogSend EmailJerusalemIsraelHebrew, EnglishFixed: $100 per 60-90 minutes sessionPayPal
Nora NiculescuSend EmailCluj-NapocaRomaniaRomanian, EnglishFixed: $100 per 60-90 minutes sessionPayPal

When a flower is separated from its roots and garden, it cannot thrive or live long—so it is with the soul of a birth story when it is separated from the storyteller’s whole life.

Birth Story Mentors acknowledge the birth story in your vast narrative garden.

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