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Part III:  The Medicine Bridge
Crossing to Compassion

a six-week course

Is a story-teller doomed to carry the negative feelings and self-beliefs about birth like a ball and chain for the rest of their lives, ultimately handing it down to the next generation? Or, is it possible, in an hour-long session for a story-teller to achieve a lasting change of heart about what happened, and about themselves?

It is — if you know how to build a Medicine Bridge!

A birth story-teller begins their session viewing what happened from a familiar perspective. It’s as though they can see what they long for or want to change across a great chasm. They wonder, “How do I get from here to there?”

The philosophical tenets of Birth Story Medicine point us to a way of telling and listening that asks the story-listener and storyteller to realize the Story is neither stone nor sacred; it should not be enshrined (e.g., repeated too often, too long) to define who the initiate was.

If there is hunger for a new perspective or understanding, Story Work can begin. A metaphorical Medicine Bridge must be constructed to carry the Story and storyteller across the chasm. As work progresses, a new capacity emerges within the storyteller for seeing into themselves and the world, and for doing what they did not, could not do before.

During Part III you’ll begin to learn many styles and ways a Medicine Bridge is pieced together, as well as develop your capacity to build rapport, momentum, and vision (e.g., the ability to see possibilities that lie beyond the present). Beyond the muddle and confusion, "magic" and transformation are waiting to happen in the later part of a session.

Teaching-Learning Methods

1.    Access modules on our online platform Acadle

2.    Listen to pre-recorded lessons presented by facilitators

3.    Study segments of birth story recordings

4.    Receive constructive feedback on homework on the Google Groups

5.    Weekly 90-minute live consultations with your facilitator and peers (on Zoom)

6.    Practice leading five or six birth story sessions with volunteers; record two     sessions to receive valuable, constructive feedback from your tutor/facilitator.

Photo credit:  Bridge in Vietnam by Hien Phung Thu.

Upcoming Courses

*All students taking Part III must successfully pass Part II first.

  • 2024.07.14 / BSM Course, Part 3 / Nicole Tricarico

    Course Dates: Part III  July 2024

    Nicole lives in Australia, so dates and times for USA and Australia below:

    (USA) Sundays July 14th-18th August 1pm-2.30pm Pacific –6 x 90 minute calls

    which is

    (Australia, Melbourne).  Mondays July 15th-August 19th 6am-7.30am  Melbourne Time-6 x 90 minute calls.

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up


  • 2024.11.06 / BSM Course, Part 3 / Nora Niculescu

    Course Dates: November 06 to December  11, 2024

    Thursdays, 10:00 to 11:30 am PST

    Price: 350$

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up
    (You will be redirected to your tutors payment page link: Cuibul Berzelor)

"Listen to the wounded story as you would the breath of a wounded animal.
You must come gently and close to do this."

~ Susanna Ruebsaat, Mourning the Dream: Amor Fati

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