Become a Birth Story Magician – Part IV

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Part  IV



An Advanced Birth Story Listening Course for Birth Story Listeners
who completed Part III and are ready for more!

With Pam England, Birth Story Megician-Mentor

Six-Weekly Class (on Zoom)

 Tuesdays, September 12 to October 17, 2023

  11:00 pm to 1:00 pm PST

& Story Alchemy Laboratory

on Three Saturdays: - September 23, 30 and October 14

12:00 – 1:30 pm PST

Imagine placing a birth story or any personal story into a cauldron, sprinkling in a few new ingredients, putting the lid on over low heat, and letting it simmer a little. While your mind stops working on it, dry or hard elements—soften, and pieces stuck together, frozen and frosty—thaw out. Seasonings, memories, and meanings blend.

Simmering a Story is a gentle way to extract essences and gingers that enhance the insights and meaning that will serve the life of the Cook. And occasionally, sharing a taste of seasoned soup from a wee-tasting spoon can whet the appetite of another story-seeker hungry for meaning from their own experience.

You are already a Better Birth Story Listener because you completed Part III. Now you are also eligible and invited to enroll in Part IV and "Become a Birth Story Magician," which means you'll develop new powers of listening and mentoring to spark desired transformation of stories.

Birth Story Medicine Magician

The archetypal Magician is associated with transformation and initiation. Within the human soul, all the archetypes abide, but within individuals’ certain qualities are more developed, apparent, accessible. Bring forth your inner Magician, Sage, Artist of the Spirit through study and practice, reach for your potential to be an extraordinarily attuned listener capable of helping others transform their birth and life stories.

Come hungry to your gourmet class!

First, we’ll "set the table" with a review our birth story process and map.

Then, we’ll start with appetizers of deep listening meditations and a storytelling.

Upon completion of this course, you will be:

  • Noticing Who is telling the story: Magician, Innocent, Orphan, Victim, Judge, Mother or Obstetrical Patient.
  •  Predicting and noticing the dynamic of archetypal pairings commonly active in birth story work.
  • Motivating clients for change
  • Bringing the archetype of Initiation into your sessions.
  • Recognizing alchemical transformation at work in you and in your birth story work.
  • Inventing inspired personal Rituals as Medicine
  • Leading Socratic dialogues to bring your storyteller to their own solution and insights.
  • Telling a mythic story.

Our Shared Agreement

As Magician Apprentices, we grow together. So, we must show up together, fully ready, and on time!  Our supportive temenos of learning together depends on your presence, voice, insights, confusion, and daring.
Everyone’s input is essential during the six weekly Calls. During classes (on Zoom), each member of the cohort of student-Magicians begins with their familiar, somewhat constricted understanding, belief, or idea regarding the subject, its character, potential, or what is possible. Through a dynamic dialogue (in which everyone must participate), everyone’s thoughts and images regarding the subject expand, forming a bigger picture, more currency in creativity, and more compassion for humanity. Now that is good magic! It is the soul food that nourishes and grows a Magician.

Each week in preparation for your call, you will receive a packet of written materials, recommended reading, videos, and practice activities.

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Become a Birth Story Magician

An Advanced Birth Story Listening Course
with Pam England (on Zoom)


For Information and Registration for Pam’s classes, go to or contact Pam at


For information and registration for Pam’s courses, go to PamEngland
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