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Make an Appoinment for Private Tutoring or Consultation

If you are enrolled in or an alumni of Birth Story School, continue fine-tuning your birth story listening skills through professional consultations with one of our Certified Tutors.

1.   A One-Hour Private Tutoring or Consultation:  Review or practice an part of our birth story process or present a case study (without sending a recording) by phone or Zoom. $75.
2.  Feedback on a Recorded Session: If you have a puzzling case-study or you want to develop a particular skill, submit a recording of one of your sessions and your specific questions. Your Tutor will listen to your recording, review your notes, and provide a 30–60 minute live-consultation by phone or Zoom.  $150.
3.  Question and Exploration Monthly Live Calls: Join one of the Facilitators and a group of peers to explore case studies and other questions coming up for you as a BSL. These Live Calls are free for members, and $27 for non-members.
In the boxes below, Choose the type of consultation and Facilitator.

Advanced Consultation w/ Nicole Tricarico

Private: Advanced Consultation w/ Danit Tsur Almog

Advanced Consultation w/ Nora Niculescu

Reach Nora at

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