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Birth Story Medicine Sessions

Are you ready to transform and complete your birth story?
Make an appointment with a specially trained Birth Story Listener

Your Birth Story Is a Living, Unfinished Story

Birth as an initiatory rite of passage has a beginning and an end. But, you won’t feel you've completed your journey until you’ve completed your birth story. For this reason, consider a birth story session as an essential task during the Return from your Initiatory Ordeal.

Birth story work is giving attention to a process already unfolding within you. Our sessions are an invitation to know who you are now, how this event has shaken and is shaping beliefs about yourself and your experience, and affecting your recovery and relationships.

Our shared intention with birth storytellers:
That the story you bring to a session —
and the meaning you've been giving it — will change in some way,
so you will carry a new meaning into your future

You will be amazed at what can change in just one Birth Story Medicine session. Storytellers have been describing their Birth Story Medicine sessions as clarifying, educational, inspirational and transformative - in a word: indispensable.

“I shared my story with many others, but nothing changed. I was skeptical that a one hour Birth Story Medicine session
would really help. At the end of our session, I was Amazed at how much lighter I felt, and that I no longer
felt I failed.”

– Jessica

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These sessions are also relevant during pregnancy. If you are pregnant again, and carrying a negative memory or worry from a previous experience, a part of your preparation for birthing again is to take the story apart and put it together anew.

Also, first time parents can’t come to birth with a blank story-slate. It’s impossible for the impressions left by all the stories, fears, and judgments heard and read since childhood not to affect your peace of mind, physiology, decisions, and everything else.

A Prenatal Story Session will shed light on the Stories you are bringing to birth. Everything is a story: your assumptions, beliefs, strategies, birth plan, and even evidence-based research. What you trust, fear, judge, and hope to avoid—are also stories you tell yourself—that are effecting your frame of mind and decisions. Your “birth story” will not begin after birth; you are already weaving the story you will tell yourself during labor and after birth

Prenatal Birth Story Medicine is an ounce of prevention!
Changing judgments, beliefs, and assumptions before labor
may diminish or prevent emotional birth trauma.

Make an appointment today for a private session that explicitly focuses on uncovering and changing stories limiting your peace of mind. Prepare your heart as a Birth Warrior to embrace and meet with courage and self-love the uncertainty synonymous with labor.

Birth Story Sessions are private, confidential, and about one hour long. You may meet in person (if you and your mentor live nearby), on Zoom, or over the phone (your choice). You may need one session or several. Your session will require single-minded focus—to get the most out of it, please arrange childcare. Choose your birth story listener from the directory, where you will find her contact information and session fee.

Birth Story Medicine

From where does the Medicine for stories come?
Story Medicine is hidden in Stories and in the wound. It’s in your story about what happened and about yourself, it took root in spoken and implicit assumptions, judgments and maxims of your preparation. It’s hidden like precious metals in the dark beneath the surface. Like gold, it must be sought after, mined, unearthed. You’ll know when you’re close; when you tap into it, you’ll feel it working on your heart, dreams, and story.

A story is a living thing—until it’s not. When a story is held too long too tight, retold too many times, unchallenged, unexamined, it may turn to stone and become a kind of impenetrable dogma dead inside us. Then what offered you a gift of great awakening and self-knowledge to reverberate a lifetime is reduced to numbing negative assumptions, a limiting self-belief, and a pattern of protection or avoidance.

So, before you tie the knot in the story you are already weaving from threads of memory, perhaps now is a good time to unravel the story. Begin the soul work while your story is still in a state of chaos, churning, yearning, grieving in search of what’s missing, of something beneath.

For some, the time comes within weeks of giving birth, for others it comes months later; the call may not come until you are pregnant again; or much later in life. Whenever it’s the right time for you, call us.

Regarding Couples Sessions

We discourage beginning your birth story work with a couple-session. Instead, we suggest you and your partner begin with private sessions to receive your mentor's full attention for the hour. Why? Although you shared many experiences during the labor and the childbearing year, you may have different interpretations of them, e.g., even though you were in the same birth room, you did not have the same labor experience. During the integration of your child's birth, both of you will focus on a personal moment that eludes or disturbs you, and the meaning it holds for you. Later, a couples-session may be helpful.

Introducing the Role of the Birth Story Mentor

A BSM birth story listener or mentor is a welcome new addition to the birth world.  In addition to receiving exceptional training, we are engaged in ongoing study of personal narratives, the healing power of myths and symbols, the oral tradition and art of storytelling, healing rituals, and techniques used to turn a story inside out, take it apart and put it together anew. As birth story specialists, we can do two things for you:

First, birth story mentors are familiar with the terminology and process of childbirth and the complexities and nuances of giving birth in our culture. This background knowledge allows us to quickly comprehend the realities, context, and significance of what you are describing.

Second, your birth story mentor is specially trained in tracking a story, which means knowing what to listen for, paying attention to subtle details, and staying focused on your shared intention to find worth, meaning, and peace of mind in the face of grief, loss.

Our intention and commitment is to make every session count. During your hour-long private session(s), you can expect an insight, a change of heart, and the ability to feel or do something that has been out of reach since your birth.

We offer three specialized Birth Story Medicine Sessions

I’m Ready to Transform the Meaning of an experience I lived
or a Belief/ Story I'm telling myself about birth

Choose My Session

Being wounded is an initiatory experience.
The Medicine is in your wound.

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