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When Part III of our online course ends, students tell us they have more confidence but are still hungry and want more! What to cook up next?


Birth Story Medicine’s® three-part introductory courses move through material quickly to build a paradigm shift and show new students what is possible. Many feel it is a delicious appetizer, but just about the time we are ready to sit down to a “meal” or “dessert,” the three-part course is over.

As Birth Story Medicine grows in popularity, our vision is evolving. Rather than offering piecemeal webinars and consultations in a kind of hit and miss approach, we established THE BIRTH STORY SCHOOL to provide ongoing, cohesive, and progressive programs that foster in-depth comprehension. The BIRTH STORY SCHOOL is training qualified Tutors to continue teaching and developing the birth story process.


Without realizing it, for the last few years we were developing and offering what will now become the First Semester of The Birth Story School: the 14-week three-Part course. Students who take this course become better listeners and can stop here. If you feel called to birth story listening or mentoring as a vocation, advanced courses will be offered beginning in February 2020 for anyone who has completed the initial online series. The Winter Semester: Become a Seasoned Tracker will help you review and further integrate deep listening skills.


Through the combination of three learning pathways–online seminars, workshops, and private tutorials–each birth story listener can learn at their own pace while personally experiencing the Inquiry Process which leads to self-acceptance, improved critical thinking skills, and an ever-deepening capacity to guide storytellers through our process. 

  • Weekly Two-hour Seminars with peers and Tutors to discuss Readings and learn the Arts of Asking Questions, Dialogue, and Self-Inquiry
  • Tutorial: One private session to learn from your personal practice in leading birth story medicine processes. Additional tutorials available for additional fee,
  • Workshops:  Online skills-workshops to experience and practice new skills

Now Accepting Registrations for Winter Semester 2020:  
Become a Seasoned Tracker” 


Online seminars, workshops, and private tutorials provide three pathways for each birth story listener to learn at their own pace and to embody the Inquiry Process which leads to self-acceptance, improved critical thinking skills, and an ever-deepening capacity to guide storytellers through our process. Upon registration, you will receive a schedule, reading list, and guidelines for what you will need to gather and do.

Seminars: Two-hour Seminars with peers and Tutors to engage in lively discussions about weekly Readings to learn the Arts of Asking Questions, Dialogue, and Self-Inquiry

  • Module One:        On Dialogue and Mastering the Art of Questions (One Seminar)
  • Module Two:         Birth and Birth Story as a Heroic Journey (One Seminar)
  • Module Three:      Archetypes  (Two Seminars)
  • Module Four:        Feelings and Empathy (Two Seminars)
  • Module Five:         Beliefs, Assumptions, Rules (Two Seminars)
  • Module Six:           The Making of a Story (Two Seminars)

Online Workshops:  Three one-hour workshops, once every three weeks)

Tutorials:  Private sessions with your Tutor to learn from your personal practice. One private meeting with your Tutor to review your session recording is included in tuition. Additional private tutorials are available for an additional fee.


You are eligible to enroll in our ten-week Semester and become a seasoned tracker if you have:

  • Completed Parts I and II, or more recently Parts I, II, and III, and feel you wanted and needed more time to slowly drink in and simmer in the juicy philosophy of Birth Story Medicine, and:
  • A desire to cultivate three birth story transformation skills: (1) genuine empathy that transcends assumptions and judgments about the storyteller and outcome; (2) the ability to hear a birth story in the context of a storyteller’s life and belief system, and (3) to envision possibility for a pathway from problem to peace of mind.
  • A love of learning for learning sake and are introspective and committed to knowing yourself.. There are no grades (colors) or self-evaluations. 
  • Sufficient time in your life to: Read, contemplate, and prepare for Seminars: To attend all online Seminars and Workshops; and to Regularly lead the birth story process to cultivate skills taught in Seminars and Workshops.
  • Are free of ambition to share/impose a personal ideology at TheBirth Story School or when leading the process.


Birth Story Medicine is drawing students from all across the US and from foreign countries, including Romania, England, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Greece, and many others. We value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our birth story listeners and mentors as we prepare them to bring Birth Story Medicine to their communities and countries.

TUITION: Tuition is $520. At this time, our website is not set up to take registrations for Winter Seminar. Please contact Pam England at to enroll.

For students who successfully complete each Semester or Retreat, Certificates of Completion will be awarded.

EARNING BIRTH STORY MEDICINE MENTOR CERTIFICATION Becoming a Certified Birth Story Mentor means you are truly a master practitioner of our birth story philosophy and process. We recognize and value each student working and progressing at their own pace. Therefore it is not possible to present a checklist or say that merely completing a schedule of courses earns certification. When Tutors recognize a student demonstrating the spirit and skills of a Birth Story Medicine Mentor, Certification will be awarded.

BIRTH STORY MEDICINE TUTORS In addition to the joy of tutors and students sharing professional and personal growth, some students who become certified birth story mentors will become Tutors who will teach this amazing approach to others in their communities and countries. As Birth Story Medicine grows, more qualified and talented Tutors will be needed to prepare the next generation of birth story listeners and mentors. Tutor apprentices are selected and mentored through an intimate process of preparation to ensure that the quality and integrity of our philosophy and process is preserved.

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