Birth Story Has Arrived!

Birth Announcement:

Birth Story Has Arrived!

Birth Story Medicine® finally has its own home-website: Come on in and look around.

At my birthday party—at the end of June—my friends and I gathered around a table under a big sun-umbrella and had our Tarot read by Leslie. My “future” card was the image of a woman eight months pregnant. Leslie told me it was a promising card, “In about two months, you’re going to be giving birth to something you’ve been working on for a while.” I’m trying not to be too cute or cliché, but I think TWINS are coming: Beautiful new website and Revised three-part Birth Story Medicine online course.

I want to acknowledge our birth story facilitators–Danit, Nikki, and Nicole–for helping to “Feed the gestating Twins” bright ideas, vision, new direction, edits, love and loving kindness, all of which also nurtures the potential and possibilities synonymous with Birth Story Medicine. I am indebted to (and awed by) Phil Willson of NINJOLOGY who patiently walked me through options and explained technology as he ninjoneered our dream into a user-friendly website.

We hope you will enjoy our blogs, courses, and watching our media library grow. We appreciate your referrals to Birth Story Medicine sessions.



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