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Birth Story School Winter Semester 2020


Thursdays, February 13 to April 16, 2020
1:30 to 3:30 pm PST
(Ten Weeks)


This Winter, come simmer in our juicy philosophy and continue developing the skills of birth story tracking, you'll love our upcoming Semester: "Become a Seasoned Tracker." Winter Semester 2020 is designed to embrace your unique aesthetic and creativity as a birth story mentor, as well as cultivate critical thinking and your voice of authority.

The Birth Story School offers affordable, convenient online training and professional development. Each Semester focuses on a particular aspect or specialty of the birth story process.


Seasoned Trackers is Tutored by Pam England, Danit Tsur Almog, and Nicole Tricarico


The course structure is composed of three modalities: Seminars, Experimental Workshops, and Tutorials. The spirit and respect between mentor and tutor transcends the student-teacher mindset as we begin to build a world-wide community.

1.  Seminars:  Ten weekly two-hour seminars (20 hours)                                                                                                                                                          2.  Experimental Workshops:  Three one-hour experiential workshops, once every three weeks (3 hours)
3. Private Tutorials:  Your Tutor will review your recording and meet you for a private tutorial (4 hours)

What happens in the Seminars?

There are three elements to the success of dynamic learning environment: (1) Your pre-seminar preparation, faithful attendance, and full-participation; (2) Each Seminar commences with a question from a Tutor, followed by a lively dialogue with birth story mentors and tutors with an emphasis on mastering the art of asking question;  (3)  You and your group will mull over a case study and bring your collective expertise and creativity together to imagine holistic strategies and possibilities for a new narration.

What happens in Experimental Workshops?

Anything. We will move away from teacher-demonstration and student-return demonstration, and following our instincts and deep aesthetic, try out all kinds of ways of mentoring.


A.    Module One:        On Dialogue and Mastering the Art of Questions
B.    Module Two:         Birth and Birth Story as a Heroic Journey
C.    Module Three:     Archetypes (one seminar)
D.    Module Four:        Feelings and Empathy (three seminars)
E.     Module Five:         Beliefs, Assumptions, Rules (two seminars)
F.     Module Six:           The Making of a Personal Myth (two seminars)

Who is Eligible to Attend?

Birth Story Listeners and Mentors who:

·      Completed Part II of the online course
·      Are committed to gaining a depth of understanding regarding empathy, feelings, and beliefs .
·      Possess a love of learning for learning sake. There are no grades (colors) or self-evaluations.
·      Are introspective and committed to knowing yourself.
·      Strive to be a relativist, “an empty envelope” in search of truth; dedicated to exploring all possibilities of mind and solutions.
·      Are free of ambition to share/impose personal ideology at The Birth Story School or when leading the process.

TUITION:  (over 27 hours) $520

This course can be just for the love of learning, and as another step on your way to being certified as a Birth Story Mentor, and if you wish, to become a Birth Story Medicine Tutor.

Refund and Transfer Policy:  If necessary, you can transfer to another Semester within one year with a $40 transfer fee. Cancellations in writing before the course begins, tuition will be refunded minus a $100 cancellation fee. Once the course begins, there are no refunds.

Register for Winter Semester

You will be receiving a welcome and confirmation letter, reading list, and everything you need for this love of learning about birth story process course.


We cannot heal our stories alone. “No one heals without community. Traditionally [healing] circles formed around genuine wisdom keepers, but we are in short supply of elders these days,” observed Dr. Lewis Mehl Madrona. It is up to us as Birth Story-Mentors to help others complete their heroic return “home.”

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