The Weaving of Stories – A Prerequisite Introductory Course to Pam’s unique course, “Open Your Ear”

Pam's Newest Workshop "The Weaving of Stories" builds appreciation and awareness of the philosophical underpinnings and patterns in personal and collective stories, in particular birth stories. If you only hear an individual "birth story" separate from the storyteller's life story and story of birth in our culture, you limit your possibilities for transformation.

Anyone interested in birth story work can take this course to enrich your sessions and counseling. And if you are ready to enroll in Pam's 22-week OPEN YOUR EAR Birth Story Specialist course and apprenticeship  (starts September 7)--"The Weaving of Stories" is a prerequisite, so sign up now.



An Insightful Introduction to Listening to Birth Stories

This Introduction course is for all who listen to birth stories--new or experienced--and lead prenatal interviews, support groups, or classes (midwives, nurses, doulas, doctors, coaches, counselors).

If you are interested in taking Pam's unique 22-week course, this is your first step.
The next is taking Part I: Open your ear and Part II: Birth Story Specialist-Apprenticeship.

And, if you’ve already completed our birth story listening course, this inspiration-packed mini-workshop can add new perspective and insight into the Process.

Pam BoulderHS

With PAM ENGLAND, Birth Story Philosopher

What are you listening for?

     Where is the heart of the story?

           Is your listening far-seeing?

Before learning to lead a birth story session, build a strong foundation of understanding the complexity of the birth story. Begin by learning the philosophical underpinnings that support the Birth Story Medicine Process. This mini-course will create a container for the personal birth story within the collective his-story.

During this mini-workshop, you will learn:

  • What a personal birth story is made of
  • What a personal birth story is made of
  • How the collective story of birth determines trust, taboos, beliefs and behavior
  • Birth Story Seeds, Virus, and Morphing
  • Factors the increase or prevent emotional birth trauma
  • Our storied journey through childbearing year
  • The color of emotions in our stories
  • Where to find the heart of the story
  • How our stories map our journey of initiation

"The Weaving of Birth Stories" is a pre-requisite for enrolling in Pam’s enhanced Birth Story Listening course: "Open My Ear, Tell Me What Happened" starting in September.


Tuition: after June 30, $95.
Register before June 30 and get Pam’s Birthday Giveaway Discount: only $69

There are two offerings of this mini-workshop in August.
Choose the workshop most convenient for your summer schedule
and time zone.

      August 5    8:00 am to 11:30 am PST
      August 8   11:00 am to 2:30 pm PST

See you there!

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