Psyche’s Soul Journey & Four Tasks

May 2,  9,  16,  23,  2023

11:00 am to 1:00 pm                                                                

"Psyche" in ancient Greek meant butterfly or soul. The butterfly symbolizes personal transformation, e.g., individuation or becoming who you are meant to be.

Ultimately, we are all Psyche on our Journey of the Soul. Allow this myth to become one of  your inner maps for personal growth.

If you are a birth story-listener, develop the special skills of a  Storytelling-Magician: learn to use the power of myth to transform the meaning of birth- and life-stories.

We'll gather round the story circle (on Zoom) to hear the live-storytelling of Psyche's Four Tasks by Pam. Each week you will hear wonderful exerpts from storytellers and writers who have mined the depths of this myth.

We embody the power of a myth by hearing it, then reading it, story-mapping, making art, poems, little rituals for Story Ceremonyand finally, by telling it, or parts of it.

Psyche's four tasks will come alive in you, and in your dreams and journeys through life.

Tuition: $220.00 ( for 4 weeks/ 8 hour course)

Registration Information

Deadline: April 18, 2023  Or, let Pam know you are committed to attending if you need to pay tuition by May 1.

Eligibility: This course is open to all:

  • who seek personal growth,
  • story-listeners seeking inspiration,
  • students in the Birth Story School who completed Part III as an Advanced course.


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