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Birth Story School Summer Semester 2020

THE LANGUAGE OF HEALING: Symbols, Images, Myths & Metaphors

Thursdays, June 4 to July 20, 2020
12:30 to 2:30 pm PST
(Six Weeks)



“Wounded feeling function

is probably the most common and painful wound . . .

It is very dangerous when a wound is so common in a culture

that hardly anyone knows that there is a problem.”

–Robert Johnson, The Fisher King and The Handless Maiden

What is "wounded feeling function?"

The chief function of feeling is to give value and worth to something and to others. To lose feeling function is to lose what makes us most human.

Summer Semester is an exploration of how you can begin to heal this wound in yourself, and to help women, men, and culture acknowledge it in themselves.


For birth story process work to bring insight and lasting healing, it is necessary to go beyond the chronological account of what transpired and drop the bucket into the well of our deepest questions and deepest knowing to bring something up that will inspire a new narration. Many parents and birth attendants burdened by negative birth memories and beliefs for years think nothing can be done. But this is not true. The healing process can be facilitated, even accelerated with the Medicine of symbols, images, heroic myths and folktales, and metaphors. To answers that are yet veiled, symbols, images, myths, and metaphors bring the light of consciousness.

Symbols and images predate written language; before and since they’ve provided a kind of shorthand for communicating complex and universal ideas using nature, animals, plants, numbers, sacred geometry, and memories. Symbolic thinking is not limited to young children or poets, it is universal among humans from every time and place.

During the six weeks, you will learn:
·      Why great stories are Medicine
·      How to choose a story or metaphor as Medicine for your storyteller
·      To tell the abridged story or choose one part
·      Make connections to your own life and heroic journey

·      Learn two great myths representing different paths through the Dark Night of the Soul, initiations in the Underworld of shock, loss, and grief.

·      Understand the masculine and feminine threads in a myth
·      Learn two stories representing the wounded feminine and wounded masculine:the Handless Maiden and the Fisher King, aka The Search for the Holy Grail


Note: There are no grades (colors) or self-evaluations. This is for the love of learning.

TUITION: $280.
Deadline for Registration:  May 29thto allow you time to read your first assignment and get your book.

“The Language of Healing”will help story-listeners build Medicine Bridges in birth story work. This Summer Semester Course is also open to everyone who loves using stories as part of their teaching or counseling. You do not need to have taken other Birth Story Medicine courses to register for “The Language of Healing”.

This course can be just for the love of learning, and as another step on your way to being certified as a Birth Story Mentor, and if you wish, to become a Birth Story Medicine Tutor.  Participants who are free of ambition to share/impose personal ideology at The Birth Story School.


Seasoned Trackers is Tutored by Pam England


The course structure is composed of three modalities: Reading preparation; Seminars (6); Storytelling Workshops (2). The spirit and respect between mentor and tutor transcends the student-teacher mindset as we begin to build a world-wide community.

1.  Reading reparation for the Seminars.                                                                  2. Seminars:  Ten weekly two-hour seminars (20 hours)                                                                                                                                                          3.  Two Storytelling Workshops:  Two one-hour experiential workshops, once every three weeks (2 hours)

What happens in the Seminars?

There are three elements to the success of dynamic learning environment: (1) Your pre-seminar preparation, faithful attendance, and full-participation; (2) Each Seminar commences with a question from a Tutor, followed by a lively dialogue with an emphasis on finding symbols, metaphors, and myths that parallel or answer the storyteller's question or problem;  (3)  The group will mull over a case study and bring collective expertise and creativity together to choose metaphors, myths, and images that help the storyteller imagine a new solution or narration.

Refund and Transfer Policy:  If necessary, you can transfer to another Semester within one year with a $40 transfer fee. Cancellations in writing before the course begins, tuition will be refunded minus a $100 cancellation fee. Once the course begins, there are no refunds.

Register for Summer Semester

  • Summer Semester: THE LANGUAGE OF HEALING

    During the six weeks, you will learn:

    • Why great stories are Medicine
    • How to choose a story or metaphor as Medicine for your storyteller
    • To tell the abridged story or choose one part
    • Make connections to your own life and heroic journey
    • Understand the masculine and feminine threads in a myth
    • Learn the Handless Maidenand the Holy Grail

    *Please read our refund policy below before signing up

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