Birth Story Medicine Option 2 Path to certification

Path to Certification

The next step for our Birth Story Listeners who successfully completed our three-part, 14-week introductory course
and wish to become Certified Mentors

  • Birth Story Mentor Certification status is essentially a recommendation from us to storytellers-in-search-of a birth story mentor that we endorse your expertise and unique talents in leading our BIRTH STORY MEDICINE Process. Certified Birth Story Mentors will be listed on our Find A Listener Referral Directory on, where you can also list your website.

We enjoyed introducing you to the BIRTH STORY MEDICINE Process. We now look forward to working closely with you as you move from being a very good listener to being a uniquely qualified mentor. The most important difference between good listening and mentoring is that you have more confidence, creativity, and tools to ensure your storytellers experience a lasting change of mind and a new narration as a mentor. During this advance training, you will cultivate and demonstrate your ability to: build a mentoring relationship; a more nuanced level of listening; possibility- and solution-focused dialogues; spontaneously utilizing a variety of "Medicines" that include myth, metaphor, storytelling, and practical information about birth in our culture.

You will work closely with one of the Tutors, but might be mentored by more than one. While we don't want to "rubber stamp" your certification by having a standardised list of requirements, we do want to give you a general idea of what to expect as you begin.

As part of your Certification process you will have to:

1.   Send three recordings of your birth story sessions with a self-evaluation to your Tutor(s).
One recording per month, during the first three months after your Orientation Call.
These are deliberately spaced out, to allow time for reflection, more practice, and choosing recordings for a particular reason, i.e., you want specific feedback on a difficult session, or you want to show your unique creativity.

2.   A Certified Mentor should be passionate about the work and experienced; you should be doing at least 12 sessions in the first 6 months following your Orientation Call.

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We have created a "BSM Sessions Log" on google forms: [] for you to record data about your sessions. This documentation will help track your progress toward certification.
We are asking all students, mentors, and tutors to post their birth story data on this Log so we can gather data on the demographics, sessions, and aspects of our work. If you have been keeping notes on your storytellers and sessions, you can enter any sessions you've done in the past year; these will count toward your certification requirements.

3.   Participate in at least one Birth Story Medicine Semester or Advanced learning courses.

Let us know about other trainings you are taking that are relevant to the narrative process, solution-focused interviewing, visualizations, and the like.

We want this process to be enriching and reasonably expedient for you; you should be able to complete this process in six months from your Orientation Call.

Please note that Certification isn't granted automatically, and depends on your tutor-mentor's evaluation of your work.


After filling the application form below you'll be receiving an email from your tutor-mentor with all details.

To start the journey you will have to pay $150 Administration Fee, valid for 6 months.
If 6 months pass you'll be able to renew by paying an extra $150 for another 6 months. Maximum two renewals.
Following that you will schedule the Orientation Call with your tutor-mentor (cost included in the Administration Fee).
The three Consultation Calls, one after each recording you will send, costs $150 each, or total of $450.
If you choose to you can also add extra Consultation Calls, without recordings, for $100 per call (one hour).
Additional costs include the Membership Fee and participating in one of the BSM Semesters.

Interested in becoming a Certified Birth Story Mentor?

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