by Carolina Quintana, Inanna Pilgrim from Guadalajara, Mexico, mentoring pregnant woman and families for 37 years

The call we had on May 31st (after the brutal murder George Floyd) was very moving for me; I felt so much sadness, worrying and hurting in each one of us. The next day, while I was meditating, I saw several images that I had to materialize. I wanted to do this project by hand, to be able to go slow and really be close to everybody in spirit. With a piece of fabric, I made a mandala, to represent the world and the turmoil it is in.

With black yarn, I made a seven-circuit spiral to symbolize seven gates, transformation, and  growth. Around the spiral I added a border with the stamp of a hand; this stamp belongs to one of the many ancient cultures of Mexico. The hand prints expressed: sharing, the helping handsfrom all over the world, they touch and specially the wisdom ofthe ancestors and tribes;  we can learn so much from them.

This border is yellow, the color of the sun, its energy, its light, its rebirthing every morning, no matter how dark the night has been. I added several Milagros representing the miracles I am asking from the Saints. There is a Virgin; (I’m asking her to embrace the whole world), a child (praying for their well being), a leg (symbolizing the sick in body and soul), and three hearts (so we can develop more empathy and kindness among all the people).

At the edge of the Mandala I sewed a red ribbon to ask forLove, Beauty, Poetry, Passion for Unity and the searching of the Soul so we can build a better world.

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