Advanced Consultation w/ Nora Niculescu


Reach Nora at nora@doula.ro.

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After successfully completing the Birth Story Mentoring Courses (Parts I or II), continue fine-tuning your birth story listening skills.

It’s Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

  1. Learn more about Nora Niculescu on her profile page. Feel free to email her at nora@birthstorymedicine.com
  2. Agree on method of contact: phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person.
  3. Choose the one-hour consultation or feedback on a recorded session.
  4. Make your payment to setup the appointment.

One-Hour Consultation for Birth Story Listeners:  To review the kintsugi or birth story process, practice a specific part of it, or orally-present a case study (without sending a recording) during a one-hour phone/Zoom call. $75.

Feedback on a Recorded Session: If you have a puzzling case-study or you want to develop a particular skill in our method, submit a recording of one of your sessions, a self-evaluation, and your specific questions. Your Certified Facilitator will listen to your recording, review your notes, and provide a 30–60 minute live-consultation by phone or Zoom. (A self-evaluation form will be emailed to you.) $150.

Question and Exploration Calls: Community environments can produce amazing results for the participants. Join a small group consultation for Birth Story Listeners via Zoom. Session fees are $27/person. FREE for Members!

Preferred Method

One-Hour Consultation, Feedback on a Recorded Session, Questions & Exploration Call

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