Journey of Initiation Seminar Series

Journey of Initiation Seminar Series
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Journey of Initiation Seminar Series

Our Journey through Life’s Initiations
is a Journey of Transformation

Facilitated by Pam England and Danit Tsur Almog

This Seminar Series offers to Birth Story Listeners and birth professionals in general, an eye-opening, inspiring and truly revolutionary way to look at birth
as a journey of initiation and transformation.
Once you see the childbearing year through this lens, your ability to help Storytellers process their difficult birth experiences will be deeply impacted and taken to a whole new level.
Come join Pam and Danit in this beautiful seminar series. You can join any one class of your choosing, or sign up for the whole series.

Seminar #1 The Archetype and Map of Initiation
What changes when you see the Storyteller in their Initiate Archetype and their birth story as a journey of initiation? It changes everything. It makes it possible to do more than listen empathically; it becomes possible to see what had happened in a new way, rich with meaning and purpose, and to know what tasks of transformation are at hand.

Seminar #2 - Being Called and Separation
Even though our culture has long accepted a limited view of pregnancy and birth as a medically-managed experience, many nowadays sense something important is missing from the conversations in childbirth preparation and postpartum recovery. In mythic journeys, this yearning is referred to as the Call. Something is calling us out of our comfort zone to know and do something bigger than our present self. From where does the Call come? How and why does this Call from love turned into longing become a struggle—and to what end?

Seminar #3 - Liminal Thresholds
The Threshold is a powerful symbol and archetype. What does it represent in ancient architecture and to the Soul?  Every initiate dances on a threshold, and will cross a hundred more before returning “home,” why is this necessary? What compels us to keep going? What is lost and what is gained during a journey of Initiation?  The path is hidden during Initiation. We may try, but can’t apply intention or cause and effect thinking on this path, so what to do instead?

Seminar #4 - In the Belly of the Whale:  Incubation, Dissolution
The middle phase of Initiation is being contained in sacred space, in a liminal space within the ordinary world where transformation--synonymous with Initiation--is taking place; perhaps it will begin in the birth room or within a relationship and continue into postpartum and into birth story sessions. 

Seminar #5 - The Initiate Returns
If the Initiate doesn't complete this phase, she doesn't complete her Initiation. Especially nowadays when we don't think of childbirth as initiation, it is easy to get lost in the liminal labyrinth or stay in the underworld of an experience. Initiates often get lost looking in the wrong direction for their story Medicine, so It is helpful, often necessary, to be guided by a trained birth story listener. Learn the essential Tasks and Rituals of the Return, the most important of which may be participating in the Ritual of Completing the Birth Story. 

Seminar #6 – Arriving at the Gateless Gate
What was it all about? There is a knowing and a way of being that only comes to those who complete an Initiation. What tells us a specific Initiation journey is finally completed? We believe that because we don’t have elders initiating us, we do not experience Initiation. Is this true?

Seminar #7 - Putting It All Together, A time to reflect, ask questions, and share your insights
When many of the pieces of the Map and Puzzle of Initiation have fallen into place, you begin to see the patterns in the Journey of Initiation, in the childbearing year, and other initiations in life. In this final session, we come together to feast on our dreams, mandalas, and insights and to consider unanswered questions. to help put some more pieces of the puzzle in place for all of us.

7 Seminars
September 21 to November 2, 2023
September 21, 28; October 5, 12, 19, 26 and November 2

11:30 am-12:30 pm PST

$25 per class; $120 for the series of seven seminars

**SPECIAL DISCOUNT for students enrolled in the BIRTH STORY SCHOOL:
$20 per class; $100 for the series of seven seminars
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