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Birth Story School Fall Semester 2022

BEYOND BELIEFS - Finding your way out of the Revolving Door

of conflicting beliefs through the Enneagram, Non-Duality

and other great teachings


Another A-maz-zing online personal and professional training

from the one and only Birth Story School.

Thursdays, October 6 to November 10, 2022
[Except on the second week in which we'll meet on Tuesday Oct 11]

6 meetings, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST



You began learning about how beliefs and belief systems are one of the cornerstones of the birth story during the introductory three-part course.  As you mature as a birth story listener or mentor, a crucial area of growth is to recognize the storyteller’s beliefs--as beliefs--and help the storyteller see through the veil so change can occur.
Do you know and tune into the three types of beliefs during your session?

In Fall Semester, you will have the time needed to identify the elusive, almost transparent, facets of personal and collective beliefs--that can easily be perceived as fact or truth, such as  cause and effect and the concepts of “choice" and "control.” This heightened awareness allows you to go into the deeper layers of this work and make the Birth Story Process more soulful. Going beyond old beliefs and assumptions changes the lens through which the storyteller sees their birth and the world. And it will change yours as well.

Be Prepared to:

  • Dive more fully into the Toltecs’ concept of "dreaming"
  • Learn how beliefs form--and change
  • Develop empathy for how previous life experiences imprint incongruity of beliefs
  • See through beliefs and assumptions and find clarity in the empty space that follows
  • Untangle knots of beliefs and assumptions through an inquiry-dialogue
  • Discover your Enneagram type and how it relates to your work as Birth Story Medicine listener or mentor

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Who is Eligible?

Birth Story Listeners and Mentors who:

  • Completed Part II: Birth Story Tracker or both Part II and Part III
  • Seek to an in-depth of understanding of belief
  • Strive to be a relativist, i.e.,“an empty envelope” in search of truth; dedicated to exploring all possibilities of mind and solutions.



Take this course just for the love of learning and as another step on your way to being certified as a Birth Story Mentor.

Refund and Transfer Policy:  If necessary, you can transfer to another Semester within one year with a $20 transfer fee. Cancellations in writing before the course begins, tuition will be refunded minus a $50 cancellation fee. Once the course begins, there are no refunds.

Register for Fall Semester

You will be receiving a welcome and confirmation letter, reading list, and everything you need for this love of learning about birth story process course.


We cannot heal our stories alone. “No one heals without community. Traditionally [healing] circles formed around genuine wisdom keepers, but we are in short supply of elders these days,” observed Dr. Lewis Mehl Madrona. It is up to us as Birth Story-Mentors to help others complete their heroic return “home.”

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